Our Finnforest LVL is a Laminated Veneer Lumber manufactured in
Finland. It is made from Norwegian Spruce, a structurally strong but
physically light wood. We stock 7 _’’, 9 _’’, 11 7/8’’, 14’’, 16’’ and 18’’
depths, all in 1 _’’ width. We stock 48’ lengths but we will cut to size in
even lengths.

Our pricing structure varies from one piece cut to size to full truckloads
shipped direct from Finland. Below is a brief description of laminated
veneer lumber. Please feel free to download our LVL brochure for specs
and span charts for our Finnforst LVL.

Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) is an engineered wood product created
by layering dried and graded wood veneers with waterproof adhesive
into blocks of material known as billets. Cured in a heated press, LVL is
typically available in various thicknesses and widths and is easily
worked in the field using conventional construction tools. It is mainly
used in beam and header applications by providing a load bearing
alternative to walls, steel, etc.

In LVL billets, the grain of each layer of veneer runs in the same
direction, rather than cross-lamination which is typical of other
engineered wood products such as plywood. The resulting parallel-
laminated lumber out-performs conventional lumber when either face-
or edge-loaded. LVL is a solid, highly predictable and uniform engineered
wood product that is sawn to consistent sizes and is virtually free from
warping and splitting.

One important benefit to LVL is that the veneering and gluing process
enables large timbers to be made from relatively small trees of many
species, thereby providing for efficient utilization of wood fiber resources.


LVL Brochure

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