Our design staff, with more than 150 years combined experience, can
handle anything from the most difficult custom home projects to the
simple, up and over one car garage. In addition, PDJ’s design staff has
successfully navigated its way through the complex world of high end
multifamily units and multimillion dollar single family subdivisions.

The staff is well versed in all our products. Feel free to call or email us
with questions regarding roof or floor trusses, our Finnforest LVL or
on our full line of USP Connector Products.

PDJ’s design department uses the newest computer technology to
ensure high standards of design and manufacturing. We use Mitek’s
latest version of design software for all our truss designs. Prior to
manufacturing, the truss drawings you approve will be sealed by
a Mitek Professional Engineer for the specific state where you
are building.

Working together with Mitek Industries helps get your trusses
designed, produced and delivered in the most efficient way possible.

The design staff is located on site and is continually interacting with
both the manufacturing and delivery staff to ensure the highest
quality finished product.

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